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“I have been coming here since my last world champion for my rehab and sports massage...there are very dedicated and treatments on point  and precise to the cause and always explaining the condition and goals on every sessions "


​Malaysian National Athlete, Mr.World Champion 2016, 2017

“ After my ACL operation and several sports-related injuries over the years MMHC Physiotherapist has helped me to get back to my daily living life. They have treated me a and now my pain has gone down to about from 8/10 to 1/10 on the pain scale."


“I  had recurring shoulder pain which was slowly getting worse day by day and the doctors diagnosed it as frozen shoulder. I called up Body Fix for a home visit and after a few sessions my shoulder pain was feeling much better and the physiotherapist really did clearly explain my condition and gave great advices. They are really caring."



Frequently   Ask   Questions

Do I need a Doctor's Referral?


No, physiotherapists can assess and treat without referral by a doctor. However, most health insurers and extended health care plans require a doctor's referral before they authorize cover of fees.

How long is the initial assessment?


Your initial assessment will be one on one with one of our qualified, registered physiotherapists. Assessments usually last anywhere from 15 minutes and treatment for another 45 minutes in total of an hour, however, it depends on the type of injury.

How many visits will I need?


The number of treatments will vary depending on the problem and individual. There will be a difference in 4 visits and in the beginning, 2 times per week is recommended because clinical trials showed this frequency maximized tissue adaptation while minimizing the risk of over-stimulation and increased pain.

How does your type of treatment heal my injury?


Our treatment consists of thermotherapy, cryotherapy, electrotherapy, cupping therapy (bekam), in conjunction with rehabilitative exercises to reduce swelling and pain, and to restore function.

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