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Physiotherapy assessment on ACL

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine encompasses healthcare services that focus on injuries related to sports, exercises or recreational activities through the use of medical and scientific knowledge. If you're looking to enhance your athletic ability or need aid in injury recovery, our Sports Rehab and Sports Physiotherapy programs are perfect for you.

At our clinic, you will be seen by one of our highly qualified sports physiotherapists. We will work with you to figure out the best combination of therapies and equipment to get you on your way to recovery.

We also use our sports medicine expertise to help our patients maintain their physical fitness and health. In order to establish lifelong healthy habits, we involve you in your own sports recovery program and provide information about every aspect of your condition or injury.

Our sports rehab programs are designed to help you stay safe, perform at your best and heal quickly. These programs include:

Stress fracture
Pins and needles radiating into arm(s)/ leg(s)

Recent or chronic injuries
ACL ruptures or tears in the knee
Shoulder dislocation or separation
Rotator cuff injuries
Frozen shoulder syndrome
Pulled hamstrings
Tennis elbow
Golfers elbow
Ankle sprains
Sports massage

Contact us today to book your appointment. It’s the first step on your road to recovery.

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